a new name

Soko is now "Sokoband." A 19-year history notwithstanding, there are simply too many music-related Sokos out there. "Sokoband.com" has been the band's web address for 14 years, so it seemed natural to simply adopt it as the name of the ensemble. The timing is excellent as the band has just finished recording, mixing, and mastering its latest full-length CD -- the culmination of 3 years of painstaking work. Official release is scheduled for 3/9/10, but promotional copies are available for broadcast and critical review. If you'd like a copy and you're a member of the print, internet or broadcast media, please contact us.

a new release

The new record is a maximum-capacity CD containing 10 tracks, eight of which are new versions of the songs from Soko's 1997 debut album, In November Sunlight. The other two are previously unreleased; the first is a modern take on an old Sokolowski ballad, and the other is a lush tenor sax-driven piece built on a percussion jam from the Two sessions.

Houston and Mike are thrilled to have the brilliant Nir Z drumming on this project. The band has also been blessed to work with legendary cellist, David Darling again in the studio. His radiant, ethereal-yet-earthy cello tones complete the new arrangement of the record's deepest improvisational dive, "Body Home." Guitar hero Steve Kimock lends his soaring lap steel and searing electric leads to the new version of "Jiriki" opposite Tim Reynolds' fiery acoustic playing and Dave Matthews' dancing vocal jams. Broadening the guitar palette with precision, soul, and a diversity of styles are Mike Colley, John Zias and Tom Harbeck. Leroi Moore, George Brooks, Charles Owens, Bobby Read, Jay Rodriguez, David CasT, and Greg Howard complete the saxophone army. (Leroi's "In November Sunlight" soprano solo is perhaps the defining moment of this new collection.) John D'earth and Mark Maynard bring the punchy brass to the Coast to Coast horn section.

a new website

Welcome to our new online home; we hope you'll enjoy checking it out and kicking the tires a bit. Lots of new things to read, see, and hear. Keep checking back, as we plan to add many new audio and video clips. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see at sokoband.com? Just shoot us an email or post a message via one of our social networking venues.