Bobby Read

Bobby Read is a multi-talented musical renaissance man -- saxophone, woodwind, and keyboard player; arranger, producer, recording engineer, studio owner. Former student of legendary saxophone teacher Joe Allard and conservatory-educated, Bobby is a brilliant musician who has occupied the saxophone chair in Bruce Hornsby's bands since 1993. He was a founding member of Verve recording artists, Modereko, progressive rock band, However; and is a member of one of Virginia's most celebrated jazz ensembles, Free Bridge Quintet. Bobby leads his own band, Monkfish, and has recorded/performed with James Leva, Thompson/D'Earth, John McCutcheon, Robin and Linda Williams, Ben Arthur, Terri Allard, Trapezoid, Mike Seeger, Michael Manring, Peter Cater, Big Circle, Gary Green Virginia Gentlemen, Tim Reynolds, among many others.

Bobby played saxophone at the CD release concert for "Soko: Two," and sounded so good with the band that he was the first player Houston and Mike sought out for Sokoband. You can hear his powerful alto on the album-opening, "Coast to Coast."