Chris Melchior

When working on the instrumental arrangement for Joy of Love, Michael and Houston soon realized that a string section would be a lot better than sustained keyboard parts. Rob Evans suggested the string services of Chris Melchior, major label studio string player. Chris offers a string arrangement and recording service on the Internet and had come to Rob's attention. Mike wrote the arrangement and asked Chris to record the parts. Chris doesn't play cello or bass, but agreed to deliver first and second violin and violin parts to the project. Mike scanned the score and parts and sent them to Chris, halfway across the world in Thailand. After minimal back and forth and reviewing of performances, the parts were added seamlessly into the arrangement.

Chris has worked with many groups, including members of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Emerald Ensemble, London Symphony Orchestra, BBC Symphony Orchestra, London Sinfonietta, and the Salt Lake Symphony Orchestra. He has worked on projects for Virgin and Atlantic Records and for clients all over the world. He plays jazz violin, Celtic fiddle music, classical string music either as a soloist, in small ensembles or as part of a full orchestra.