Greg Howard

Perhaps best known as the world's foremost exponent of the Chapman Stick, Greg's prodigious musical talents include composition, arranging, keyboards, and -- his first instrument -- alto saxophone. Greg contributed alto parts to the Coast to Coast horn section. Greg is a dear friend from way back in the day, and working with him on this track was great fun. The band hadn't seen him in some time, so it was a blast to have an old-fashioned musical hang out in studio behind his house in the country, adjacent to the stables. He engineered himself, working with Houston and Mike's "over-the-shoulder" directions and commentary like a champ -- enthusiastically listening and driving himself to achieve the desired results. Then he wrapped the tracks up to-go and sent them on their way.

If you're not already a fan, go to his website and check out the sounds. You'll thank us later.

In addition to recording nine CDs of his own and performing solo for a couple of decades, Greg has worked with the following artists and bands: Greg Howard Band, Sombre Reptiles, The Cosmonauts, Sticks & Stones (with Tim Reynolds), Code Magenta (with Leroi Moore and Dawn Thompson), Dave Matthews Band, Darrell Rose, Offering (with Mike Sokolowski, John D'Earth, and Worth Proffitt), Basics (with Leroi Moore, Houston Ross, Johnny Gilmore), Cosmology, Emmett Chapman, and more.

In 1999, Greg and Darrell Rose released their live concert video (Handiwork™, Volume One). He has written a method book (The Stick Book™, Volume One, published by Stick Enterprises in 1997), and has taught hundreds of Stick players at seminars across North America and Europe. His music appears regularly on NPR’s All Things Considered, and he has been featured on CNN’s Headline News. Greg's driving Stick rhythms are a core element of Dave Matthews Band's "Dreaming Tree" from their CD, Before These Crowded Streets. He has also played several concerts with DMB and appeared on their debut album, Remember Two Things.