Leroi Moore

Leroi was always a supporter and friend to the band, most recently helping to launch Soko: Two in 2005. Roi played many many gigs with Houston and Michael -- both individually and collectively -- in the 80s and early 90s. Many different bands, many different road trips. Mike, Houston and Leroi all heard the saxophone as an important part of Soko music. "In November Sunlight," for example, was written with the sound of Leroi's soprano in mind. He appeared on the bandstand at many early Soko gigs, and was the spark of energy behind the band's decision to record its first album in 1995. For Sokoband's re-recording of the In November Sunlight material, an array of saxophonists were called in to handle the various parts that Roi played originally. In all cases, the new sax parts couldn't top the old ones (which, Leroi himself was the first to admit, weren't all that strong to begin with) -- he simply had a certain magic that few horn players possess. So the band went back to the archives and found better, previously unreleased Leroi takes of the old songs from a variety of sessions and sculpted new versions around them. In cases where a track wasn't available (a killer alternate version of Coast to Coast is believe to have been inadvertently erased), a new part was recorded by a different player. In a bedroom closet, Mike even found a tenor part on old 16-track magnetic tape from a 1988 studio session that fit perfectly with a newly reworked version of a very old song (well predating In November Sunlight). We hope you enjoy these found saxophone gems. Leroi held the highest of standards for all the music with which he was involved, and we believe that these new versions would have satisfied his demanding ears. For years, the band has wanted to create better, more definitive versions of the songs on In November Sunlight.