Mike Colley

Mike Colley is an longtime friend of and collaborator with both Houston and Michael. Over a period exceeding 20 years, Mike has made music with Houston in Burning Core and Groovus Maximus; made music with Michael in Mix-O-Matic; and works closely with Michael every day in producing media for Crutchfield Corporation. While at Stanford University in the early 1980s, he founded and played regularly in Kartoonz, a popular local/campus new wave/punk band. Returning to Virginia after graduation, Mike continued to create and lead regional rock, funk, reggae/SKA, and hip hop bands such as SubSeven, Groovus Maximus, Triple Feature, and Burning Core. For many years, Michael was a session guitarist for a variety of national National Geographic Explorer, CNN, oodles of commercials, demos and industrial cues; and is now a member of The Aldersgate Praise Band. Other bands: SubSeven (power rock with The Deal co-founder and Dave Matthews collaborator Mark Roebuck), EJM (jungle, experimental, house), Mix-O-Matic (rock mash-ups with Mike Sokolowsk, Charlie Pastorfield, and Jim Ralston. Mike's bands have shared the stage with Public Enemy, Dave Matthews Band, Junior Walker & The All Stars, They Might Be Giants and many others). Mike contributes super-tasty, tight, and funky guitar to "Coast to Coast" plus epic prog guitar orchestrations to "Energy Change."