Peter Spaar

Pete, probably the hardest-working acoustic bassist in Virginia, is an old friend of both Houston and Mike. Pete's impeccable intonation, timing, and taste make him a go-to player for John D'Earth, Gunnar Mossblad, Morwenna Lasko and Jay Pun, and many others. He is a founding member of Sitting Ducks, The Freebridge Quintet, Thompson D'Earth and has been a member of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra since the 1980s. He also holds the Robert and Ruth Cross Principal Bass Chair in the Charlottesville University Symphony Orchestra.

Pete came out to Haunted Hollow studios to play the bass parts of Mike's string arrangement for Joy of Love and Antidote. Pete's last note on Joy of Love is still Mike's favorite part of the 16-minute journey. "The way Pete plays that note is as if it contains all music in itself. Certainly the hugeness of the composition and performance completely dissolves into and is summed up by that note."