Rob Evans

Rob Evans began recording music as a teenager making cassette tapes of music performed by himself and his friends. His passion for this craft grew and he attended Middle Tennessee State University's the acclaimed recording industry program and received a B.S. in Mass Communications. After school he began working at Dark Horse Recording just south of Nashville.

Truth be told, Rob Evans is really a core member of Sokoband in the studio. His huge ears (speaking metaphorically of course), impeccable instincts, expert chops, and unflappable demeanor always ensure a productive session. He, Mike, and Houston have stumbled upon a powerful bond, transcending the usual businesslike relationship of engineer to artist. Rob manages Haunted Hollow, Dave Matthews Band's recording studio and is its chief engineer. He worked as assistant engineer for countless Nashville projects in the early 2000s before returning home to Virginia to work with Chris Kress at PMD recording, where the mixing and archiving of Dave Matthews Band concerts/tours was happening. Rob has done much of Sokoband's tracking and all of its mixing. Houston and Mike believe that finding Rob was the trigger to a dramatic improvement in their studio work. Finally, here was someone who heard them and understood how to record, mix, and help produce their sound. In addition to Sokoband and DMB, his credits include Danny Barnes, Samantha Farrell, TR3, Trees on Fire, Parachute, Gomez, Sissy Spacek, Robert Randolph, Amy Grant, Jars of Clay, OAR, and many more. A skilled multi-instrumentalist, Rob sings, plays, and writes for his band, Watts Passage.

Rob wrote and programmed the beat for "And Yet Your Smile." He engineered and help produce Soko:Two and Sokoband.