Worth Proffitt

Worth is one of Michael Sokolowski's oldest and closet musical friends. Worth and Mike played jazz together in The Tim Eddy Quartet, Offering, and on numerous one-off occasions. The two also love to improvise freely on any instrument or handy noisemaker in Worth's music garage near Amherst, VA. Worth's lifelong quest for musical knowledge augments his innate sense of swing and groove. He is also an accomplished student of country blues guitar, working for years with Dennis Johnson in Jump Street and currently as part of Proffitt & Sandige -- both powerful acoustic blues duos. Worth has studied blues with Mississippi blues heavyweight Lonnie Pitchford and North Carolina jazz legend, Brother Jusef Salim.

Worth branches out into electric guitar territory as well, playing rock 'n' roll and electric blues with Bill Hudson, Jack Sutherland, Malcolm Dentler, Roy Slaughter. Larry Scott and others. He has been playing gospel guitar for two Lynchburg area churches since 1996: Saint Mark in Amherst and Saint Mary in Lowesville.

In the mid 80s, Worth co-founded an improvisational group called Flip Side with Richard Patterson, Joe Pendleton, Greg Robey.

Worth's blues projects have received numerous awards, including: 1997 International Blues Challenge, Charlotte, NC (Jump Street) and 2004 International Blues Challenge, Sedalia, VA.

Worth, Mike, and Tim Reynolds created free improvised music as part of Offering, recording two live CDs for Breezeway and performing at Miller's and The Prism Coffeehouse in Charlottesville, sharing a bill with The Bhundu Boys at Trax in Charlottesville, and performing on the main stage at NYC's Knitting Factory. Worth was a longtime member of Nick Page's Red Hot Smoothies, was a member of Tim Reynolds Trio with Pete Spaar, and has played drums with Thomas Harbeck, John D'Earth, Greg Howard, Marc Johnson, George Melvin, Mark Whetzel, and many more.