new record

The band has been on extended leave since the release of 2010's Sokoband.*

After about six years of inactivity Houston and Mike are collaborating again on a writing project they hope will manifest into a new album. Not sure what the content delivery method will be, but we'll keep you posted. Because the last album was comprised mostly of old tunes recast, this is really the first time they've collaborated on a body of new compositions since the early 2000s. Expect them to pick up where Joy of Love left off -- true writing partnership efforts that bring their unique senses of groove harmony, and melody together.

* a maximum-capacity CD containing 10 tracks, eight of which are new versions of the songs from Soko's 1997 debut album, In November Sunlight. The other two are previously unreleased; the first is a modern take on an old Sokolowski ballad, and the other is a lush tenor sax-driven piece built on a percussion jam from the Two. sessions.

name change

Quite some time ago, Soko became "Sokoband." A 19-year history notwithstanding, there were simply too many music-related Sokos out there. "" had been the band's web address for 14 years, so it seemed natural to simply adopt it as the name of the ensemble. The name change coincided with the 2010 release of its eponymously titled redo of 1997's In November Sunlight material.

updated website

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