in november sunlight

This was the title track of the album that the band has redone with 2010's Sokoband, and from which this clip is taken. A sprightly jazz waltz, "In November Sunlight" is perhaps the band's signature tune. Written for Michael's father in 1991, the piece greatly benefits from this tight new reading. Immediately apparent are Houston's warm fretless bass, Nir's crackling snare and tom work, and Michael's soulful piano, yet the performance builds and culminates with LeRoi's gorgeous, passionate soprano solo over the coda.

soko - two

in november sunlight   Michael Sokolowski: piano, synthesizer
Houston Ross: bass, guitar
Nir Z: drums
LeRoi Moore, soprano saxophone
Engineered by Michael Sokolowski, Nir Z, Matt Petronelli, John Siket
Mixed by Rob Evans
Mastered by Bob Katz