joy of love

Joy of Love is a true compositional collaboration: ideas built on ideas handed off between the two composers. Mike mapped-out the chords, the B section melody, and string arrangement. Houston came up with the bass lines, words, vocal melodies, and drum part. Conceived and realized wholly in the studio, this piece sweeps the listener away and back on a tranquil, yet powerful, musical tide. (Note: extended piano and trumpet solos are not included in this radio edit.)

soko - two

joy of love   Michael Sokolowski: piano, synthesizers
Houston Ross: bass, vocals
Will Coles: drums
Tim Reynolds, guitar
Davita Jackson, vocals
Davina Jackson, vocals
Peter Spaar, acoustic bass
Chris Melchoir, violins, viola
Peter Markush, cello

Engineered by Patrick Derivaz, Chris Kress, Michael Sokolowski and Rob Evans
Mixed by Rob Evans
Mastered by Bob Katz