plant the sky

Plant the Sky is an exciting, time signature-shifting, prog number the band would perform live in the 90s -- a tune that featured the propulsive, rolling rhythms of Johnny Gilmore. For this version, Michael and Houston's lush keyboard and bass textures are stitched to fat, rock-solid grooves held down by the drumming of William C. Coles, Jr., a brilliant up-and-coming Charlottesville artist. Note the buoyant "pop" of the snare drum. (Extended piano solo not included on this radio edit.)

soko - two

plant the sky   Michael Sokolowski: piano, synthesizers, electric guitar
Houston Ross: bass
Will Coles: drums

Engineered by Patrick Derivaz, Chris Kress, Michael Sokolowski and Rob Evans
Mixed by Rob Evans
Mastered by Bob Katz