your steps alone

When the band went into the studio on August 10, 1995 to lay down the basic tracks for In November Sunlight, the Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia had died unexpectedly the night before. For years prior, Soko performed this gospel/rock anthem under various titles, never settling on one that felt right. This day the song felt like an ode to Jerry and the title crystallized as Your Steps Alone words from Robert Hunter's and Jerry Garcia's Ripple. Through his tenor sax, LeRoi Moore evoked the spirit of Jerry. On this clip, taken from the version on Sokoband, LeRoi's sax is augmented by Jay Rodriguez' ethereal sax/flute choir, and John Zias' tender guitar solo that takes Jerry into jazz territory.

soko - two

your steps alone   Michael Sokolowski: piano, organ
Houston Ross: bass
Nir Z: drums
John Zias: guitar
Leroi Moore, tenor saxophone
Jay Rodriguez: alto saxophones and flutes

Engineered by Michael Sokolowski, Nir Z, T.J. Glowacki, and Jay Rodriguez
Mixed by Rob Evans
Mastered by Bob Katz